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How is the delivery process in my country?

We deliver our t-shirts in more than a hundred countries thanks to different partner warehouses. This allows us to make and deliver your t-shirts in about 4 days in Europe and North America. In other parts of the world, the delivery time may vary by a few days more, you will find more information on our product pages.

How will your graphic t-shirts fit me?

Our crew neck t-shirts from our online shop bring together all the features we love about this garment. Artistic women and men graphic tees that feature a comfortable regular fit that easily adapts to any body type. Our garments are also made entirely of super-soft cotton that will make you feel a softness you've probably never experienced while wearing a t-shirt. Quality workmanship blends perfectly with the beautiful art designs of our artists printed with the latest techniques in the field. If you're looking for quality artistic style clothing that you'll be happy to wear, you've come to a great t-shirts online store for that.

How does Artist Tees plant the trees for each order?

Artist Tees is partnered with Ecologi® to plant a tree for each product you buy on our graphic tees online store. This by giving them a percentage of the amount of your order automatically through an integration made on our site. Each tree absorbs about 25 kg of carbon, which is almost triple the production and transportation of a t-shirt. So you won't have a long-term carbon footprint by ordering our clothes.

What are the best collections on your online store?

Funny t-shirts: nothing better than sharing a funny design. The perfect short sleeve tees for creating interaction on a daily basis and making people smile as you pass by. Whether it's with sarcastic phrases, funny quotes or funny animals, you'll find all types of prints tee-shirts for your everyday life. Ideal men and women graphic tees for people who want to add some positive vibes to their daily outings. In addition to being a great style of t-shirt to easily interact with other people.

Animals t-shirts: too often forgotten by humans, it is always important to represent those who share the earth with us. That's what you can do by wearing the graphic t-shirts in this collection. Mixing all types of designs created by our artists, these logo t-shirts will be perfect for animal lovers. If you are one of them, you can certainly find your happiness among these quality graphic tees on our online shop. A great way to represent animals in a cute, funny or other ways. 

Japanese t-shirts: the land of fashion and artistic styles of all kinds, Japan has not finished delighting us in terms of graphic designs. Custom t-shirts with great designs thanks to the many artists who are fans of this unique culture. Whether it's the aesthetic style with these abstract t-shirts or the cute kawaii fashion, all fans of Japan and more will be able to find something they like. Short sleeve tee-shirts with many colors for people who want unique clothing inspired by the many aspects of Japanese fashions.

Quotes t-shirts: the quotes graphic tees have nothing to prove in the world of graphic clothing. Probably the best products to show things like humor, motivation, sarcasm etc. And you'll be even more excited to share these things with our quality unisex graphic tees and their perfectly made art designs. From good vibes quotes, pop culture parody or serious motivational phrases, all types of people can find quotes that fit their needs. It is also a great Artist Tees collection to offer the perfect printed graphic tee as a gift to your loved ones.

Preferring too often the quantity of designs at the expense of quality and always putting the same products forward. We wanted to choose a totally different approach to print on demand, focusing on quality rather than quantity with new unique designs highlighted each week. The quality of our products is maximized by focusing on their best features and the use of the best embroidery and printing (DTG) methods. The user experience is also our priority starting with specialized websites, fast and pleasant until our customers receive our products.

Our Differences

Always with quality and efficiency in mind, we simply sought to bring together all the characteristics that make t-shirt quality. Let's start with a manufacture entirely of cotton fabric to offer a great comfort and a perfect softness that you will have difficulty to find elsewhere. A flexible fabrication with a regular fit that will allow you to always have the adjustment you want according to the size you choose. And to finish in beauty, a double-needle stitch pattern for a perfect seam of the collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and hem.

Our Products

Our commitments extend beyond the quality of our art designs and clothes. We are already very proud to partner with Ecologi to plant a tree for every product ordered on our website. Too often not respected, intellectual property is also very important to us and our beliefs, which is why we hold all the commercial licenses for the art designs on our online shop. The relationship with our customers is also a priority for us, that’s why we have a dedicated support team available to answer all your questions as accurately and quickly as possible.

Our commitments

As one of the main aspects of our t-shirts online store, the selection of the original designs that appear in it is done with care in order to always select and offer our customers the best graphic tees. To do this, we try to satisfy the many passions of our customers by offering unique cool t-shirt designs throughout the year thanks to the many independent artists who work with us. Among our dozens of new releases every month, we also offer trendy art designs for those looking for simpler but effective designs among our artistic t-shirts.

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